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Cisco and Charlie`s


Port Clinton


The First Annual


Brought to you by

Southern Exposure Travel

Hot Track`s Recording Studio

EarthQuake Records


Bruce`s Goodtime Karaoke


January 2001

Qualifier Nights Jan 6th, 13 th, and 20 th

Contest Night

Jan 27th 9 to 1 am

1st place 3 days / 2 nights Bahamas air / motel

February 2001

Qualifier Nights February 3d, 10 th, and 17 th.

Contest Night

February 24th 9 to 1am

1st Place 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas Air / Motel

March 2001

Qualifier Nights March 3d, 10 th, 17 th, and 24 th

Contest Night

March 31st 9 to 1 am

1 St. Place 3 days and 2 Nights Bahama Cruise


Grand Finale

April 2001

Last chance to Qualify

April 7 th, 14 th, and 21 st

Grand Prize Finale

April 28th 9 to 1am

All Qualifiers will Compete for

7 Days and 6 nights

All-inclusive    CRUISE TO THE BAHAMA`s

includes Florida accommodations


Open Karaoke and practice will start at 9 PM

1. Contest will begin no earlier than 10 PM or no later than 11 PM.

2. Each Contestant will receive a minimum of 5 points per night.

3. First place will receive an additional 30 points each night.

4. Second place will receive and additional 20 points each night.

5. Third Place will receive an additional 10 points. 

6. Judge or judges will be different each week and determined by Cisco`s.

7. Contestants with Family or friends as judges will be disqualified that evening only if protested by contestants.

8. Monthly prize will be awarded to the contestant with the

most points at the end of the month on the last night.

Grand prize will be In April. 

All winners from previous months will compete

for the Grand Prize.

We will also take the top 5 point leaders who did not place

and they will also compete for the Grand Prize.

The last night we will do one round of The Contest

to determine Places so that we can add three more


Then at about Midnight we will have a Show Down for

the Grand Prize out of all our winners.

All previous winners will compete for a winner take all.

Up till the last night it can be anyone who wins.

Rules subject to change without notice.

All Winners are responsible for Taxes and Port Charges.

Other restrictions apply.

Get full details from Cisco and Charlie`s in Port Clinton


3 various Judges will be selected each contest night. 

Judge’s will be a impartial non-singer who is not the guest of a singer.

You will be judged on a scale of 1 to 10.

on Vocal Ability, Presence and Audience Response

Bring your friends to Cheer you on it will help.

Depending on the number of contestants as to start time.

Winners are responsible for All Taxes and Port Charges

Rule`s subject to change without notice.


Open Karaoke for everyone after the Contest.

December's Karaoke Winner