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WHY does Child Support Enforcement exist?

It is the legal duty of non-custodial parents as well as custodial parents to support their children.
Residing in a single-parent home should not lower a child's standard of living.
Paternity is the important first step in the process of establishing support for a child.
Parental responsibility and family independence are keys to the long-term prosperity of children.


The Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) and the Maryland Cooperative Extension of the University of Maryland have formed a partnership to implement a pilot of the Dads Make A Difference program. The Dads Make A Difference program was developed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services; Child Support Division. The program is a paternity education project focused on educating youth about the importance of fathers in children’s lives. Dads Make A Difference is an interactive model in which older teens ages 16-18 are trained to teach middle school aged teens in a variety of settings including classrooms, community organizations and prevention programs.

The purpose of the Dads Make A Difference program is actually four-fold. This program gives young people the opportunity to discuss and examine the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Secondly, the participants of this program will be encouraged to discuss the legal, financial and emotional responsibilities of parenting. In addition, the risks teens and pre-teens face along the path to young adulthood will be discussed. Lastly, the Dads Make A Difference program will reach young teens before they are sexually active in order to help them make better decisions and defer parenthood until they are financially and emotionally ready.

Maryland's Dads Make A Difference pilot project will be implemented over a five-year period starting in October 1998. The first year, the project will focus on two sites, Prince George’s County (half of the middle and high schools) and the Tri-County area on the Lower Eastern Shore. (all of the schools in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties) During the second year, program will be extended to the remaining schools in Prince George's County and a community-based model will be piloted in the Tri-County area. Based on the evaluation of the school-based model, a plan will be developed to reach other jurisdictions in the following three years.


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The Federal Office of Child Support in the 20th Annual Report to Congress reports that over $39 billion in accumulated unpaid support is due to over 29 million children in the United States. The government child support agency collection rate, the percentage of cases receiving one or more payments was 20%.
The GAO report shows that only 15 states have certified automated child support enforcement tracking systems. States have spent $2.6 billion with little or no results. States most likely to not have computers system on line include: CA, MI, FL, OH, PA, IN, TX and IL, this represents almost 50% of the nation's child support cases.
How do you collect Billions from our Prisons????

Do the math.     There are over 250 million prisoners in Americas prisons. If each prisoner has at least one child that's 250 million children. Take into consideration some have no children and some may have 12 children or more. If each prisoner has an obligation to pay just $50 per week in support it doesn`t take long for Billions of Dollars in Child Support to be owed. Sometimes the facts are dishonest or miss leading  and we need to separate the Truth and manipulation and look at the reality of what is going on. It doesn`t take long to have billions owed when our prisons are so full.

Only 54% of the families headed by a woman, divorced from the father, receive regular and full payments
What percent are in Prisons ???
What Percent receive Social Security ??
or other form of compensation ???

Although ACES claim to be in the best interests of the children they do
 nothing to enforce visitation of children by their members.
There are no programs for the children to console for divorce.
Our Country does more for Children exposed to school shootings then Divorce
which is more traumatic for a child who loses a parent.
Also ACES exploits Children and lowers their self esteem by
having them ask for hand outs that benefit their organization.
Their Facts and figures are inaccurate.
ACES is an Organization made up of mostly Vindictive Scorned Women who`s sole purpose is to punish the Father or get even with him. Some of their local representatives are themselves less than creditable.

Is  Geraldine Jensen truly concerned for your best interests or is this non-prophet organization making her rich.  I`d like to see her tax returns. My guess the money her members collect make her a 6 figure income.
Think of this next time you see children collecting for ACES in front of K-Mart or Wal-Mart.

Dear Diary

Monday April 2, 2001.
Today I went to Court in Huron County Common Pleas. I was not surprised to see both my daughters there as my ex-wife has always involved them in our personnel business. Even though most people think the children should not be involved mine always are filled with the one sided stories of my ex. While sitting on the second floor waiting for my hearing the attorney for Child Support Richard Grimes made the statement several times infront of my daughters using the expression about their father whining and crying.  I`m not here to address his whining and crying that's not what this hearing is about he told my daughters.  He made several statements using the term whining and crying. Also my Attorney was a witness to these statements.  My thoughts are the attorney for child support has no business disrespecting me in front of my children. Second if a non custodial parent has a problem with their case I don`t feel it`s whining or crying if they are trying to address the problem.  Is this always the attitude Richard Grimes take`s  with every case?  Or is mine special because I have evidence their office committed fraud against me ??  This shows what a poor attitude this attorney has for non custodial parents and he should be removed from this job. Surely his attitude is not in the best interests of any child in Huron County and the tax payers deserve better. Other than that Diary I had a Wonderful day.

Please Remember

Fathers have feelings to
Fathers are capable of Love