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My suggestion to and non custodial parent who has to deal with Huron County that you
go through your files and verify the Accuracy of all Court Documents and Child Support
Entries. There is a  lot of evidence of corruption in my case.

In my file I found Documentation for court hearings that never transpired.
How do you appeal a court hearing that never transpired ??
Is this a violation of my Civil Rights ???

Arrearages inconsistent and out right false.

I have copies of  Letters from CSEA Attorney`s taking an aggressive and vindictive stand against me.
Cover up after cover up from CSEA

Imagine This.
My Ex-wife collected welfare in Maryland. First of all she was working under the table
cleaning new construction from the builder her live in boy friend worked for. She failed to report
to St. Mary`s County Child Support that she was receiving child support from Huron County.  (
Illegal ) Huron County improperly sent the payments direct to her instead of to St. Mary`s County
The end result was her Collecting Child Support from 2 services.
( Currently my ex  is under investigation for welfare fraud in Maryland ).

What did Huron County Do ???
Now who do you think is responsible to pay Maryland the illegally collected Welfare.
A.) Huron County CSEA who sent the child support money to my ex-wife instead of St
Mary`s County as required by law.
B.) My ex-wife falsified documentation on welfare forms and failed to report the child
C.).The non-custodial parent who was abiding by the law and paying his child support as

Answer.  According to Huron County CSEA.   the answer is   C.  Go figure.
Mind your own business pay your child support as Court ordered by Huron County and
we will punish you for our mistake. Huron County aggressively pursued the balance for St Mary`s
County not to make the person who illegally collected it but to make the non-custodial parent
who was following the law pay.

This is just one of the many things you`ll read about in this site.
If you have Horror Stories from Child Support Service`s and the documentation to
verify the truth e-mail me and I will include it on this site.
I would like to assist all the parents going threw divorces in Huron County to get fair
treatment by the law. This will truly be in the best interests of the Children.

From my current observation:
The Huron County Child Support Services is Corrupt.
I have documentation proving their Attorney  John Baird  falsified Court Documentation.
John Baird is currently in Erie County. I suggest any body having any dealings with him to go
over their files and verify those documents.
( John Baird like`s  to hold the paper work on his desk for 30 days so that it extends you
beyond to appeal date so he can type in anything he wants on the order and there nothing you
can do about it. )

In My Case I have notified them on several occasions and they refuse to make any effort to correct
the Falsified Documentation.  They keep saying it is my responsibility to correct their
Wonderful free country we live in.

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