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The Other Side of the Story
Huron County
Child Support Services.

First and foremost. Let me say I am NOT against Child Support.
I am against the unfair tactics of the Attorneys and the workers of Child Support Services who out right lie and cheat the people and CHILDREN who the are suppose to represent. In most cases it is only for their personal monetary gain and THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILDREN are not considered.
Any time you undermine the family you hurt the children.

My answer to Child Support.

I think that Both Parents should be equally responsible. Totally do away with Child Support. In this day of Equality Both Parents if willing to work can have equal income. The parents should share joint custody. One week the children are at the Fathers for 3 days the next week 4 days. Both parents should be required to remain in the same town till the children are fully grown and maintain a home for the children. Takes care of visitation and child support. Both parents being responsible for all that effects the child while in their care. Children remain in the same school and has access to both parents. The would reduce the money waited for Child Support Services and re-unite the family bond.
Do you realize just how many millions of dollars are wasted in that NEW Human Services Building ???  That Building does not earn money and support itself, the money that runs it, comes out of your pocket. Remember that next time your children want to go to Cedar Point and you don`t have the money. It`s your tax money they waist.
I challenge Child Support Services to send me the Facts to post on this page. Show us your budget.  Show us your payroll.  Give us a staff break down of who makes what.
Show Us The BEEF!!!

I hope to show the other side of cases handled by HC-CSEA. Also share with you things that the Local Newspapers Staff and others seem to not want to share. I have found out that if you have family in one of these offices it has a profound effect on what get printed and what doesn't`. Also If you have family working in Child Support Services the rules may not necessarily apply to the full extent of the law.  These works are not disciplined properly for their failure to comply with guidelines established by the State Of Ohio. These offices should do like the Ohio State High Patrol and bring in it`s staff from out of the area as to avoid a conflict of interest. Kind of get`s rid of the GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEM which is in full force in NORWALK, OHIO. I have also included links that used properly can be of great value. I have also included links that destroy the family bonds and are hiding behind the excuse that they are working for the children's best interests. Any organization who destroy`s the family bond or does not encourage it`s existence is bad. I have included both and have left the decision to you as which is which. My goal is to present the facts. You make the decision on what is what.

Everything you are reading is factial and documentation is available for proof.

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